Freight It Forward Provides:

No matter where in the world you live, you could be saving money by buying items from the USA.

Have you run into any of these issues?

  • Shops in the USA won't ship overseas.
  • They won't accept overseas credit cards.
  • They charge an arm, a leg and your first born child to ship the items to you.

If so then we are here to help and can make your purchase simple and pain free.

Contact Us to see how we can help you start saving money.

Did you know the first pound is the most expensive pound to ship?

By sending all your packages to us and having us consolidate them you can save money on shipping.

Not only that, we will get your items into the smallest possible package, saving on weight or volume charges.

Do you wish to purchase items which are bulky and are expensive to ship using air freight?

No Worries!

Depending on where you live we may be able to provide a sea freight option which for large items is usually much cheaper than the equivalent air option.

Popular Stores

Pottery Barn
Ralph Lauren
Sierra Trading Post